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The advantages and disadvantages of metal furniture are introduced

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Time: 2019/11/23 2:59:18

    Furniture is difficult to understand in our life, the environment tends to have a variety of furniture styles. Nowadays, many people are also interested in metal furniture. Ordinary metal furniture is heavy and difficult to move. Today's furniture charge for the making of STH. Request is higher, apparent progress on quality, below make detailed analysis to everybody to metallic furniture.

    I. advantages of metal furniture

1, quite aesthetic expenses

    The tianyi furniture that stands out in home nearly two years merchs Chinese and western classical verve in the style that looks bold and bold, decorous and primitive simplicity does not break contemporary breath again, have artistic view and admire cost and aesthetic cost quite, incline to increased to make chic scenery for contemporary furniture environment.

2. Rich color selection

    The surface coating of metal furniture can be said to be colorful, can be a variety of beautiful colors of polyurethane powder spraying, can also be light can be a person's chrome plating; Can be glittering and translucent gorgeous, gorgeous and elegant vacuum titanium nitride or titanium carbide coating film, also can be titanium plating and powder spray two more than two kinds of color complement each other. Current, the plating K gold that begins to prevail on international and plating black gold craft, more the level of metallic furniture and grade push a very high level. Metallic furniture collection USES effect and aesthetic effect in an organic whole, some high-quality goods of high grade have collect collect cost.

3. Folding effect

    A lot of kinds have folding effect in metallic furniture, not only use rise convenient, still can save a space, make the family living environment with limited area is relatively loose, comfortable a few.

4. Diverse categories

    The kind of metallic furniture and kind are very rich, suit to be used in erosion, guest hall, dining-room furniture all ready. These metal furniture can build the difference air that room of the difference in the home needs very well, also can make household style diversity and richer contemporary breath more.

Second, metal furniture shortcomings

1. Hard and extremely cold texture

    The raw material of metal furniture is iron and this kind of cold-rolled steel sheet, and the physical properties of steel furniture determine the character of hardness and extreme cold, which is different from the feeling of being comfortable. Accordingly, metallic furniture often because the reason on simple sense is rejected by a lot of people.

2. Loud sound and simple tone

    When metallic furniture is applied, because of raw material natural composition, can produce the sound that people is not too porridge, go up in colour, metallic furniture begins also only pure tonal.

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