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What to wear to a dinner party 5 tips to make sure you don't go wrong with your evening dress

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Time: 2019/11/28 8:21:09

    But you can't go wrong wearing a Black Tie on a formal occasion. Today, I will introduce the five iron rules of evening dress to everyone. I promise I won't wear it wrong!

    Introduced by Edward vii, then the prince of wales, the Black Tie evening dress -- Black, tailless, with a javelin-shaped lapel -- was on a par with the traditional tuxedo and is now the most popular evening suit, though not limited to the evening.

The time has come for the must-have top suit to reflect taste

1, dress,

    A modern evening dress, also known as a Black Tie. The dress traditionally used a single row of double or single button, buttons often wrapped in cloth. In neckline details, the peak-lapel and peak-lapel are the most common styles. In addition, velvet dress is also the modern formal occasions out of the dress style quite high. The formal name for the dress is Le Smoking, which originally meant that men of high society would take off their tuxedos and sit in the smoking-room after a dinner party and smoke in a black light suit, also known as a Smoking jacket. The smoking gowns are usually velvet.

Tips: dress coat & evening scarf

    In cold weather, you still need a dress coat. The dress coat is very light, black or blue, velvet collar length coat, generally knee-length.

    Evening wear scarf is pure silk, PI PI commonly, it is white and cream-colored belt ear scarf more, also be the best match of evening wear coat, of course, also can match dress.

2. Dress shirt

    Dress shirts come in a wide variety of styles, including a chest lining, a bird wing collar with a raised corner, and a shirt with a pleated chest. Dress shirt cuffs are mostly French sleeves that fold up and require cufflinks. The dress shirt has a unique design under the bodice, where small strips of cloth can pass through the buttonholes and be fastened by the buttons below. The idea is to keep the shirt from jumping up and flat under the waistband during exercise.

    It is important to point out that do not confuse a dress shirt with a business shirt, let alone a dress shirt with a business suit.

Dress pants

Gregory peck, dressed in a velvet suit, attended the dinner

    Don't think you can get away with a plain pair of pants and a dress. In fact, dress pants are different from ordinary dress pants. They are an essential part of dress. The waistband of the dress trousers has no belt ring and is completely dependent on the belt to adjust the tightness. At the same time convenient to wear the waist seal. The outer side of the trouser leg is the biggest feature of the dress trousers. Of course, if you choose a velvet dress, it is also a good choice to match the corresponding velvet dress pants, especially if the velvet material itself has a noble feeling.

4. Dress waist seal

    The waist seal is the indispensable accessory of the dress, they are made of the same fabric, mostly silk or satin, in addition to the tie, when wearing the waist seal should pay attention to the usual upward pleating, it is said that it is for the convenience of men to put the admission ticket. It is important to note that a Black Tie is a way of dressing that cannot be taken literally as a Black bow Tie.

Dress shoes

    A gentleman's shoes should still be black and have a touch of luxury. There are two traditional styles to go with a dinner party: black patent Oxford shoes with LACES and black patent shoes with tassels on the top. Embroidered suede dinner shoes are also a smart choice. And the socks that match dress shoe also has definite regulation: black silk is qualitative.

Don't ignore the tips

   Today's society, in fact, there is also a formal dress rental service. Even if you rent, make sure that the fabric is always first. Also, if you're not sure, grab a classic first. Generally speaking, the rental service does not include gift shoes, so you need to bring a pair of patent leather shoes.

    What body shape matches what style, bodily form is fatter man, choose brunet to fasten formal attire as far as possible, stature is short man, suit the formal attire of simple design.

    Vest waist seal choose one, wear vest do not wear waist seal, have waist seal do not wear vest. Under normal circumstances, modern banquet occasion, the waist will appear too grand, if you are worried about the scene will be uncomfortable, or choose the insurance ma3 jia3

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