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High-grade have "appearance level" what requirement does the hotel furniture need to have

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Time: 2019/11/28 8:28:39

    For an era that focuses on the level of appearance. As long as there is a level of appearance, all wrong things can be forgiven. Where does the level of appearance of the hotel furniture come from? Let me tell you briefly, you can experience the appearance level of the hotel furniture from the modeling, color matching and detail processing.

    1. Modeling lines. On the runway, models always show their beauty through a variety of models, and the hotel furniture can not move, so it is particularly important in the design of the model. How to make the same hotel furniture look beautiful, stylish, practical, and timeless? In modern, a lot of people seem to think traditional furniture modelling is too ossified, lifeless. Modern hotel furniture is the pursuit of more simple and flexible line sense. The overall feeling should not be too heavy, too complicated lines. Instead, there should be some natural changes that are more vivid and interesting.

    2. Match colors. Bold color matching is a bright spot among this year's new products. In view of the conservative nature of a single tone, the artistic collocation of various colors is especially suitable for some dynamic and lively new products, so that people enjoy tranquility and comfort, dynamic and lively, dynamic and static combination.

3. Deal with details. Hotel furniture without details will not stand scrutiny and test. On the contrary, hotel furniture with rich details is a work of art in itself, worthy of careful taste. From the line of chest natural and lifelike, the processing of inclined face to the head of a bed and drawing, the shape of bed foot, as well as the line of having a unique style is empty, close row inserts a function to wait, detail is to give a person with glamour. The details represent the connotation of the hotel furniture.

    Guangzhou panyu district hengmei hotel metal furniture manufacturing co., LTD., founded in 1999, since its inception, in the domestic first introduction of Malaysia, France and the United States international brand design concept and technology, has been dedicated to the production hotel banquet metal furniture, and in the industry and set up the industry's quality and service reputation. With a total area of 60,000 square meters and a construction area of 100,000 square meters, hengmei is the largest r&d and production base of professional banquet furniture for hotels in China.

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Add: He Cun Industrial Zone, Nanda Highway, Dashi Street, Panyu District, Guangzhou
Contact:Mr Huang
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